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 Subject :Texofone LLC looking For Direct Provider.. 30-10-2019 12:46:17 
Kain William1
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Hello Everyone!

Texofone LLC is looking for direct terminators. We have huge retail and wholesale volume to A_Z destinations. Please contact if you can provide your own terminations we will give huge volume we can build fruitful cooperation together. Skype@ live:sales_90157

Payment Terms : 7/3 days. Texofone Supported PayPal and Bank wire.

Instant live traffic for Asia, Arab*CIS*African *mentioned below destinations/routes:-

Afghanistan* Algeria* Albania*Azerbaijan*Angola

Belarus* Bosnia* Burundi* Burkina Faso*Bangladesh

Chad *Cuba*DR Congo* Ethiopia* Egypt* Eritrea

Ghana* Gambia*Guyana*Guatemala

Iran*Iraq* Jamaica* Jordan


Morocco,*Mozambique* Malawi*Mali*Mauritania*Madagascar* Malta,Macedonia

Nigeria*Niger* Nicaragua*Rwanda*Russia

Sudan* Senegal*Serbia* South Africa* Syria* South Sudan*Saudi Arabia

Tunisia* Tanzania* Trinidad*Uganda*UAE

Yemen*Zambia* Zimbabwe ............................

In case you offer me other destinations please contact with me directly. We can provide you good quality and stable traffic. We are looking for quality, stable and direct Ncli,Cli,TDM,GSM routes. We have huge live traffic available for most of the hot destination of the world.

Required 100% FAS free, Direct and good quality route only
Feel free to ping me for discussion.
Thanks and Regards ...............
Kain Willaim

Carrier Relationship Officer

Texofone LLC

Skype ID  live:sales_90157
Whatsapp: +17806521192

E-Mail  sales@texofone.com
website: www.texofone.com

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